Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Bourbon, DC

If you ever visit northwest DC, make sure you visit Bourbon. Established in 2002 in Glover Park, they provided a place where you could drink, dine and relax without getting hit on by sleazy, greasy lookin' men. They became so popular, they opened another place in Adams Morgan.

Why do I like Bourbon? Well, my husband and I enjoy this wonderful place because of the food. It's simple ingredients turned into comfort food away from home. My husband loves their grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Our friend Jeff enjoys their "Thaddeus' Chili Mac" and a cold glass of dark beer. I on the other hand, can never pass up their "Hot Dog", I believe Glover Park menu calls it "Big Hot Dog." This dog is a 1/4 lb all beef dog, grilled to perfection and cozily tucked in a warm pretzel bun. And it's only $5.  Mmmm...mmm...mmm

I enjoy contrasting tastes, so with the salty beef hot dog, I always ask for a side of their signature Bourbon BBQ baked beans. Now, I KNOW how to make baked beans and a mean one at that. However, these baked beans at Bourbon's has depths of flavor that make it a worthy side to any dish on the menu. First, you smell and taste the smoke flavor, then a touch of sweetness and finally...POW, the bourbon just tops the experience.

Seriously, if you can't make it for their Happy Hour, do stop by on a weekend for their brunch hour. 

Here are the hours:

Glover Park
Monday to Thursday 5pm-2am
Friday 5pm-3am
Saturday 11:30am-3am
Sunday 11:30am-2am

Adams Morgan
Monday to Thursday 6pm-2am
Friday 5pm-3am
Saturday 11:30am-3am
Sunday 11:30am-2am

When you do visit Bourbon, send me some pics of your orders! Have a great Sunday evening.

Done Deal!

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  1. I love my carnivorous friend!!! hahahaha

    No mystery why you and I are such good friends, with posts like these. ;) Remember the dogs with the meat sauce on them at the Kenny Chesney tailgate? MMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Crap. Now I'm hungry. :D