Monday, March 29, 2010

Been a Couple of Days

I'm back.

After a long time away from my computer, I realize that in the blog world even a day can be costly. So four days is absolutely over the limit. I can't take it anymore, I have to blog.

Funny thing is, when you start keeping yourself busy, Busy comes more frequently to your door. As soon as I picked up blogging and sharing with the world an aspect of my life, my life started picking up more things to do. This blog is certainly of those things I long to continue doing no matter how hectic life gets.

I haven't been cooking much lately but will most likely resume my taste buds in a couple of days. My recent attempt at cooking with lentils had left me doubtful if I will attempt anything else in the lentil sphere. But we'll see. (lol) You should see the green goop I created in my kitchen. I was trying to make an Indian lentil curry dish, a favorite of my dad's. Instead, it turned out bland, goopy and *blehck*. And no, I refuse to post pics of this.

Anyway, my husband gave me this great idea to start posting (in place of failed recipe attempts...I said this, not him) my pictures of things I've found in my surroundings that resemble, say, look, become alive into something else. For instance this lonely bike we found on a Saturday walk.

It was a very bad day for this bike. A very bad day.

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