Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Recipe: Pork Adobo (Chicken is also invited to the party)

It's Monday and time to get back to cooking food that's great for dinner and filling for tomorrow's lunch.  I'm making a family favorite called Adobo (pork or chicken).  This is a Filipino dish that emphasizes in using vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorns and other spices that make this a truly unique dish.  I've heard that you can brown the meat after marinating it in the sauces and spices but my mother's recipe doesn't require you to.  Today, I will try and put the two techniques together.

What you will need:

1-2 lbs of Pork or Chicken
4 Jalapenos
1/4 Cup of White Vinegar
1/4 Cup of Kikkoman soy sauce
3 Tablespoons of Mushroom soy sauce
3 Tablespoons of Fish Sauce
2 Tablespoons of Worcestershire
3 Bay Leaves
2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper
4-5 Cloves of crushed Garlic
1 1/2 Cup of Water

Tools and Things:

A nice large pot with a lid

  • Over medium heat, add oil. Then add garlic and meat.  Stirring frequently, brown the meat.
  • Add jalapenos, vinegar, soy sauces, fish sauce, worcestershire, bay leaves and black pepper.  Make sure the meat is completely coated with these ingredients.
  • Add water. Cover pot and bring adobo to boil.  Once boiling, reduce heat to medium-low and keep covered for about an 45 minutes- 1 hour.  Make sure you keep an eye on your pot. Checking it occasionally so you don't have burnt adobo. It should be ready when the meat is super tender.
  • Oh, and don't forget to remove the bay leaves.  Not really fun to eat.
Serve this dish with warm rice.  I prefer this recipe with medium grain rice or I like to call it, sushi rice. Such brands like Nishiki, Kokuho Rose or Calrose.

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