Monday, March 15, 2010

How I Store Thai Chilies

I rarely get to my local Thai market without having to take a 45 minute public transportation ride. So when I do get the chance to stop by my favorite Thai markets, I buy their chilies. Thai Chilies. You really can't substitute this babies without losing authentic flavors.

When I did get them, I never really knew how to keep them fresh long enough. But by observing my Aunt Sumalee, I found out how she did it.  If you store them right, you will get about 2-3 weeks out of it.  But like any good cook, always check your produce before you prep them.

Here's how to store them:
  • Wash the chilies in cold water.

  • Remove the stems.

  • Pat dry on paper towel or cloth.

  • Store them all in a plastic container. Place the container closer to the bottom of the fridge away from the light.

To tell if you have a good chili, the seeds inside should be a white/yellow pale fresh color (Right side). If it's brown to dark brown, just toss them (Left side).

You can cut a chili to or most of the times, you can tell from the outside of the chili's skin. The skin should be plump and tight. (Wish my face could remain plump and tight but that's what plastic surgery's for, yeah?)


  1. And what recipes do you make regularly that call for Thai chilies?

  2. Many recipes for Thai food. These chilies cut up with some fish sauce make a great condiment for fried rice. :) I'll be posting my recipe for fried rice pretty soon. Stay blogged, my friend. (that reminds me of the creepy Dos Equis dude saying "Stay thirsty, my friends"...creepy)