Friday, April 30, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy Cupcakes

This cupcake blog is dedicated to Super Mario Galaxy fans (including my husband) all over the globe. This game has so much material to work with when it comes to creating cupcake designs. At first I just thought I'd create something easy...a little rock candy here than there and that was it. But with the help and encouragement from my sister Sam, we ended up creating something I'd like to share with you today. When it comes to attempting something creative, my sister Sam had a knack for making it become tangible. This is just one of many of her works with gum paste (she made the Pink and Blue ones).

When it comes to finding something whimsical and colorful, just like the game, you can't beat Japanese confections. So I found a Japanese store nearby and thought I'd take a visit. While I was buying some milk candy (another cupcake recipe idea), I found two bags of this...pixie-like clear candy that resembles the tiny stars you collect in the game. My husband was the one to plant the idea and I took it and ran with it. Oh yeah and for more fizzle I added some Pop Rocks...I guess my husband and I have never really grown up. That's one reason why I do love him so.

So here's the little stars up close...

Make sure to look out for Super Mario Galaxy 2 this May 23rd!

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