Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Time: Ben's Chili Bowl

I am no longer a Ben's Chili Bowl-Virgin. Haha.

My curiosity and anticipation has been fulfilled by a Chili Half Smoke and Chili Cheese Fries. This has been one amazing experience at an iconic Washington, DC landmark. My husband has always suggested I go there but each time he suggests, I have other food cravings. Well, my friends, that was not the case this weekend. Of course, a little coercion from Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman never hurt one's case for visiting Ben's Chili Bowl.

Well, we got there at a magical time when the line was just beginning to form. But when it rains it pours at this joint. So get there whenever you can and don't give up if the line seems a bit long to you.  It's fast food so it's not terribly long and it's worth the wait. The atmosphere is something to remember and enjoy. The grill is smoking with flavoricious meats, the jukebox is pumping a Bob Marley tune, the walls are plastered with celebrities and influential people of our century and the service is straightforward. Not to mention, people waiting in line seem to be nicer than usual, strange. Oh yes and did I mention to bring cash? CASH TRANSACTIONS ONLY.

For more information here is the link to their site. One more thing, there's also a gift shop now. I'm thinking...Ben's Chili Bowl apron. :)

And that is why we love Ben's Chili Bowl.


  1. Chili halfsmoke chili halfsmoke chili halfsmoke chili halfsmoke chili halfsmoke.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm