Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Cupcake Ideas

Hooray for all our graduates of 2010! Congratulations to my youngest sister. I can't wait for the celebrations this week. I'm so proud of her and it's going to be a great time. And guess who's invited? Cupcakes! Yeah.

Anyway, since I will probably be making grad cupcakes real soon, I thought I'd look for some inspiration. Much to my delight and dread, I've found a couple great designs that I could only hope to achieve in about a year's worth of practice. But since they stood out to me, I thought I'd share my findings. Mind you one of them is totally unrelated to a "graduation" theme but it would be on my wish list if there was another diploma headed my way.

Ready? Check these delights out:

Ah yes, this is very fitting and these darlings are the creative genius of Karen Tack and Alan Richardson of Hello, Cupcake! Even if you're not making anything for graduation you can't miss out on their creations via their website and books. I'm a fan of them and will probably be learning some tips and tricks they have posted on their website.

Trust me on this, I've searched the web for unique graduation cupcakes and these stand out of the crowd.  Seriously, caps and diplomas are the usual ideas but to see tiny books and a happy teddy bear...now that's getting too cute to consume from Icip-Icip Di Dapur.

Hello future healthcare workers!  My aunt is a nurse and if I was older back when she graduated, I would have happily attempted to make these cupcakes for her party. But I would never come close to making them so professionally like Montreal's Clever Cupcakes. They in turn were inspired by Julie of Blue Cupcake. May the chain of inspiration never be broken.

Photo "Doctor Cupcakes" via clevercupcakes on Flickr

Simple and outstanding are Lisa Smiley's Graduation Cap Cupcakes on her blog, Smiley's Sweets and Creations. Sure they were made for her kindergartner but wouldn't you want to make these for your grown-up kindergartner?

Okay, I've see this talented young lady on Food Network's Cake Challenge. I thought she was amazing then and she continues to keep me wanting more of her creativity on cake. Meet Anne Heap's take on a graduation inspired cake/cupcakes. You can find more eye popping cake designs on her website Pink Cake Box.

Well, I know where I'm ordering cupcakes when I visit the UK...Crumbs And Doilies, of course. Not only does their website scream happiness and sprinkles, they also keep it organic when it comes to their ingredients. Oh and did I mention how wonderful they are when it comes to colors? Visually exciting my friends.

Last but not least, Clever Cupcakes will be getting a call from me when it comes to their "Not Your Rabbi's Cupcake..." Yep, this is a cashew cupcake frosted with a maple bacon cream cheese and a salty piece of bacon. Say hello to my little graduation!

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all you 2010 graduates!
You've earned it, now have a cupcake with me won't you?

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  1. How did u make decorations for graduation caps and scrolls? I have 4 children graduations may 3rd thank you!! Wtaigencelebratinglife@gmail.com also do u have a good cupcake batter recipe? Your work is beautiful!!