Friday, April 16, 2010

Attack By Kitchen

Sometimes there are days when I feel like my kitchen is attacking me one accident at a time. Tonight, as I was transferring my stir fry from the wok into a storage container, I took one scoop and in an instant I see food flying straight for freedom. Argh! Now the floor is speckled with eggs and pickled mustard greens (Doesn't sound appetizing but I promise you, you'll like the recipe). Nice work!

Oh yeah, and the other night as I was adjusting my cookbooks on the shelf, my tin can of pencils and pens tipped over and pretty soon I was ducking from sharp objects. I'm sure my pots and pans were laughing at me. My kitchen hates me this week.

Maybe my kitchen wants me to cook more? Maybe I need to blog more often? Probably.

So I guess the key to peace between this Full Time Wife and her kitchen would have to be...more cooking and more blogging. Yes. I agree with myself today. Tomorrow, I don't know. But for now, there will be more frequent blogs from this kitchen for the next week.

Yes. Okay. I can do this.

Thanks for listening to me and my brief stories of kitchen clamor. Have a great weekend!

Photo: "Line of Control close-up, Subodh Gupta" by victoriapeckham of Flickr's Creative Commons

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