Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, My Fellow Grown-Up Children

I did not know it was sort of, kind of, maybe...a tradition to give children and grown-up children Easter Baskets for Easter. Wow, what a great way to spread MORE sweets and happiness throughout the year. But yes, I do know the meaning of Easter and to compliment that my husband surprised me this morning with a basket just for me. Totally unexpected.

Maybe next year I'll start surprising other grown-up children with an Easter basket. :)

It's a beautiful day and I'm so glad we get to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. Hope the rest of your day is a fabulous one. Eat as many deviled eggs and ham as you can for me.

Come back this week, I'll be posting a request blog about how I make my fried rice. These baby chicks will not be in the fried rice....I'm not THAT morbid. They are just too cute and that's why I wanted to include them in this entry. Who can resist cute puffy chicks?

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