Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mario and Pac-Man Cupcake Designs

Yesterday I made Maraschino Cherry cupcakes and designed them all accordingly. Fortunately for me, the cake mix allowed for about 2 dozen cupcakes. Sooooo, there was enough cupcake surface area left for other designs I wanted to create. My husband suggested creating toads, stars and turtles from Mario video games. I ended up creating an inverted toad head, a Mario star, a 1-Up mushroom and totally unrelated, a blue Pacman ghost.

For all of my decorations, I used Cake Mate writing icing kit. The icing is for writing so if you're thinking about more cupcake designs, I suggest you get more than one box. The box comes in four colors: red, blue, green and yellow. You can get them at your local grocery store and it costs about $4-$5.

For the character eyes I used Betty Crocker black decorating gel. Sometimes icing from decorating tubes can be a bit challenging to create tiny dots, like eyes, on cupcakes. At least for me, I have a hard time cutting off tube icing when I have the desired teeny tiny amount. So using decorating gel and a toothpick, for tiny objects like eyes, usually helps me get the desired peepers on my characters.

Here's how they turned out:

Still the game of choice for this family, especially on our Wii.

Here's Inky (Aosuke), the blue Pacman ghost, at a disco. Or I'd like to think so. 

My husband's favorite kind of cherry cupcake...chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. 

Mmmmm Trio Los Panquecitos

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