Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Cupcake Idea

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe this great weather in southern california but then again...I can. (sorry cold-weather-neighbor-states and beyond). Well, this has been a very merry birthday week indeed. So instead of just one person getting cake and candles we all had a shindig with pizza, cupcakes and Disneyland.

Originally, I wanted to make princess cupcakes but instead they turned out looking more like vintage housewife cupcakes. Cute transformation.

Anyway, I made this cupcake using the following ingredients...really simple ingredients:

1 box of French Vanilla cake mix (eggs, oil)
1 can of Lemon Supreme frosting
A bag of Red tart candy hearts
Blue pearl sprinkles

Tip: Decorate blue pearl sprinkles right after frosting. Have a fun weekend!


  1. WHY you are torturing me with food I can't think about right now????? Hmph.

    Although... The cupcakes are really pretty. :)

  2. Hey Nellie! These look so pretty! Hope you are having fun with all the family in town. Miss y'all! xoxo