Monday, February 20, 2012

Thai Spicy Curry Catfish

Good Monday to you! Today I wanted to share a food photo and some recipes for Spicy Curry Catfish. As much as I would love to say that I made this dish, I did not. My husband and I enjoy our eats at Pa Ord Noodles in Hollywood and every time we visit, we try to order something new from their menu.

I don't have the direct recipe from them but below are a couple links to curry catfish recipes.  All I can surmise is that the catfish from Pa Ord Noodles had a light batter and most likely fried in extremely hot oil in order for the fish to have been incredibly crispy. The texture of fish just absorbed the sweet, spicy and fragrant flavors of the sauce and made every bite better than the next. For me, it was delicious but for my husband it was difficult because of the bones he had to deal with. So if I were to make this dish, I would probably make sure the fish was in boneless nugget or fillet form.

Have fun cooking this and let me know if it was successful!


Thai Spicy Catfish "Pad Ped Pladuk"

Stir-fried Catfish In Red Curry "Pladuk Pad Ped"

From Food Network

Crispy Catfish Curry: Pla Duk Tod Krob Phat Phed

Pa Ord Noodle Menu and Directions

Enjoy your day off...for some.

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