Friday, February 24, 2012

Cinema Sentinel: Movies with Strong Female Leads

Happy Friday Everyone! No food pics today but I can guarantee you there will be more next week.

My spirit has been rejuvenated thanks to the wonderful women in my life. It's such a blessing to have the camaraderie of strong and beautiful friends who are there to support you when life drops a bucket of lemons at your doorstep. We all just end up making pink lemonade, lemon squares, lemon meringue, lemon drop cookies and lemon chiffon cake out of the mess.

Today's trailers have strong female leads, good and bad, hope you get some enjoyment out of them. See you at the theatre!

(via DisneyPixar Channel)

(via VisoTrailers Channel)

The Hungers Games trailer is disabled for embedding on YouTube so I found an interview with Jennifer Lawrence about the film. The Hunger Games trailer.

(via ladysite0002 Channel)

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