Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swaddee Thai Restaurant

Thai Papaya Salad Exra Spicy!
If you ever visit Coronado Island in San Diego and you're hungry for Thai food be sure to check out Swaddee Thai Restaurant. The food was pretty good. I think the chicken satay tasted a bit funny due to the spices or coconut marinade, however I would definitely give them another shot. I'm a big believer in giving chefs second chances. There is a thing called a bad day in the kitchen.

I think the best part of Swaddee was the service by our waitress P Yui. She was so sweet and welcoming; had I had enough time to visit the island I would have gone back to see her again. Anyway, here are some pictures I'd like to share with you. I don't remember what my seafood dish was called but it was good. Like I said, I would go back and give them another try despite the so-so experience with food but wonderful time with our waitress.

Kra Pao Chicken
Chicken Satay
Seafood Dish
Swaddee Thai Restaurant
1001 C Ave
Coronado, CA 92188

Tel. (619)-435-8110

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