Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Shower Theme Idea

When it comes to parties and themes, I am probably the worse planner in the world. So instead, I blog about other people's (Aunt Victoria & Grandma LuLu) themes and their creativity. Maybe it's just me but when someone else makes food or plans a party, it seems to taste and feel better.

Well, I had the opportunity to attend my future niece's baby shower and it was a lovely occasion. Plus, the party favor was right up my alley...gourmet coffee (mmmmmm coffee). I've never had coffee as a favor but it's something I'm willing to consider if I ever host a party. What a creative idea, huh?

Here are a couple photos of the party welcoming my new niece, Annabella! The photo above was the baby's name spelled out with individual letters on multi-colored construction paper with a little decor on the first and last letter.

Wired flower and dragonfly centerpieces.


Whatever you do...DO NOT speak those words above. Or else you lose your baby pins.
3 minutes to look & 5 minutes to recall what was in the basket! Not to brag but I won that game. My memory's like an elephant's and I'm pretty darn proud of it too.

Made by a friend of the family. Isn't she talented?
Simple Sherbet Punch: Ginger Ale, Tonic water & Sherbet Ice Cream.
Party Favors:

Can't wait to see you Baby Annabella! Love, Aunt Crazy!!

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