Monday, July 25, 2011

Inedible Cute Foods

Today's post is about all the inedible foods that are available for those of us who are trying to lose weight. You can look, but not eat (only if you want to see how rubber digests, but I don't recommend it). I guess you could say this is for all the food gawkers out there. 

I found most of my cute food erasers from Japanese stores or Asian markets around town. I'm telling you, if you ever wanted to start a collection of small figurines/stuff, collecting these erasers is a great start. They have almost everything you could imagine in tiny form. 

Like the photo above and this one below:

And to add even more fun to this collection, the hot dog, french fries, hamburger and sandwich can all come apart! This is my kind of toy.

Below are a couple more things I found at stores and the last photo I found at this year's Comic-Con. The company is called O-No Food Company and they create some of the cutest collectibles that are all in sushi form. I promise you will not regret checking out their site and might even be tempted to buy a set. 

Have a great Monday!

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