Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Molecular Gastronomy Kits

In highschool I always enjoyed my science classes and in fact, won best science shows a handful of times. One was about smoking and health awareness and another for creating fake gold on copper coins. Fun times in the lab.

Well now that I'm older and enjoy creating in the kitchen, it's about to get more interesting with the availability of molecular gastronomy kits via Molecule-R or ThinkGeek. But here is a trailer from Saveurs MOLECULE-R's YouTube channel. If you like to embark on this tasty experiment visit their website to purchase the kit. Have a blast!


  1. Have I ever mentioned that you are going to be the most fabulous momma if the Lord so blesses you? I hope that you homeschool. Heck, I hope that you move to my neighborhood and we can homeschool our kiddos together! We will have science/home ec at Nellie's house ... and I will definately be there! :)

  2. Awww Thank you Kristi! It would certainly be fun to teach our kids the joy of science. Maybe you should move closer? hehe

  3. That is True! you always liked science...you're such a GEEK!!! I LOVE IT! But anyway...this is really cool!! Did you try making these yet??? ARe you going to? I want to...maybe that can be something we can do when I come visit??? WE need to plan this!