Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

I'm so glad we finally have cable so now I can watch all my guilty pleasure reality shows AND my cooking shows. One person that's been growing on me is British food journalist Nigella Lawson on the  Cooking Channel. She's had quite a few shows but the one I usually catch her on is called Nigella Express. Check out her website for cooking tips from "Baking" to "Rectifying Boo Boos".

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe involving eggs. She says it's great for hangovers but as a retired porcelain god worshiper, I know this recipe needs more grease in it, like a pound of bacon on top of the eggs. But that's just me.

I give her big props for making it look like she just got up, put on a silk robe and decided to show us all how to make Mexican Scrambled Eggs. You go Woman!

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