Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas in a Cup

I know it's wayyy past Christmas but I still believe peppermint is always in style, especially since it's still quite cold in some parts of the country. But I've also read peppermint is good for calming the stomach. So why not enjoy a stomach-calming, antioxidant green tea?

My favorite drink in the mornings would have to be this:

It has a great blend of peppermint and the sweet scent of vanilla. Reminds me of cake...mmmmm. The box says that there is also a hint of cinnamon but I can't detect it. I'm sure someone else will. But I call this "Christmas in a Cup". To sweeten the tea I usually use honey, local honey if you have some. 

To find the nearest store that carries Candy Cane Lane Herbal Tea visit Celestial Seasonings' website here.

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