Monday, February 14, 2011

Dessert at the 53rd GRAMMYs

Oh my I've been gone awhile and gone to many places that I still need to blog about. Well, last night I had the honor of being invited to attend the 53rd GRAMMY awards ceremony and after party. My husband and I had great seats where we could take it all in and see how the production crew ran things. I've worked in production and so I will always give big props to the people behind the scenes who make it happen. The stars to me are just icing on the cake (pretty, handsome & sometimes disturbing icing).

I wish I had taken in my camera with flash but we didn't want the hassle of leaving it with security and having to pick up after the show. The STAPLES center and convention was packed with herds of people trying to make it to the next big event. So I had my iPhone camera and took what little I could when there were gaps in the dessert line.

The food was provided by Wolfgang Puck and there was plenty of liquor and music to keep the party moving well into the early morning hours. There was Asian, American and Latin cuisine provided along with shrimp and cocktail sauce booths. The dessert table served mini cheesecakes, mini molten lava-like cakes, assorted cookies, ganache hearts and so much more calorie packed decadence.

Here are just a few pics I took from the dessert table. I tried to adjust the colors but I'll just explain them:

I believe my husband said these tiny pink sparkling frosted cuppycakes tasted like peanut butter. I was too full to chow down on these so I missed out. Boo.

I know my girlfriend would like these babies. These are cream puffs covered in icing and textured with coconut shavings. Not very sweet but was just complimentary to the other super sweet treats.

Last but not least, our favorite dessert of the night had to be the Key Lime Hearts. These tartlets were filled with creamy key lime filing and topped with toasted marshmallow-meringue. Yum yum, I had four. Hehe.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, it was a pleasure attending and enjoying great music and food. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day whether you are single or in a relationship. I've always liked this day no matter what state of relationship I was in because I see it as a day of love for all people. We all need Love and Love is always near to us. Enjoy a great evening!

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