Friday, February 18, 2011

Deep Fried Truffle Cupcakes??! Oh, Paula Deen How I Adore Thee!

So I was browsing through channels today and I ran across Food Network just to be mesmerized by beer, cupcakes and ganache. Ahhhh! She pushed the envelope again and this time with executive pastry chef Tariq Hanna of the boutique store Sucre, located in New Orleans. Oh my goodness I've been searching for the video to share but can't find it yet but Paula has definitely met her match with this wonderful chef. He's a chef after her own heart.

Tariq cut little holes into the cupcakes, filled them with truffle while Paula started on the batter that contained wheat flour and rice flour. According to Tariq, the rice flour will add a crisp to the batter and you can purchase rice flour in most of health stores.

What a fun show and what an unexpected message from Paula to say that she eats her foods in moderation, not everyday. I like that. I'm glad she said what she did. I mean she doesn't look like she eats creamy, rich calorie foods everyday. Speaking of, Adam Rich must have to workout a ton to keep himself in mobile shape for his show Man V. Food. Anyway, back to Ms. Deen, she definitely knows how to enjoy the good things in life and so do I. That's why I will attempt to make this recipe as soon as I can get to a health store for rice flour! Wish me luck.

Check out the recipe here.
For more info on exec pastry chef Tariq Hanna click here.

Just one of the many videos from Sucre, this one on how they make homemade marshmallows. Always wondered how:

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