Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Not The Size That Counts...Or Is It?

Ah yes, I just saw an advertisement for David's Bridal gowns on sale for $99. I get the sense that it's bridal planning time in America! Of course it is, how could it  not be when my three girlfriends are getting hitched this year starting early summer. My goodness I'm getting bridal fever with them.

Lately I've been looking through photos of wedding cakes, not that I'm going to be asked to make one but just because I have an itch to work with fondant and maybe think of making a bridal shower cake. Who knows. But last night took me into another world of wedding cakes...HUGE wedding cakes that make Wilton's 80's cakes look like preschool UFOs. With cakes that large I hope they taste just as good. Actually come to think of it, with cakes that large I would love to plop my entire body on it and just enjoy confection all over me (getting carried away now).

Well, here are a couple pics and the sites I found them on. I hope you don't waste as much time as I did mesmerized by such creations on their respective sites like What an amusing blog and what interesting tastes that only two people, who are truly and madly in love with each other, would agree to have in their wedding. I feel my wedding so plain in comparison to them.

Let's begin with the cake I found on

I'm staying for the after party if there's anymore cake left because the best part of weddings is the cake, or at least I hope it's the cake. I mean this in the nicest way, check out how far this couple took their theme of red and white here. The title says it's "ugly" and so forth but I say to each couple their own!

Okay, the guy in the middle has plenty of photos next to giant cakes, I'm thinking he's a well-known baker that's yet to get his own show on network TV. We'll see. I like to call this the Pier One Pillow Cake. It's the ornate pillows I never understood why people pile on their beds for. Found this on Deep717 blog.

And here's our guy once again. What a lovely cake, would you agree? Reminds me of the 80's cartoon I used to watch called Rose Petal Place. This would've been perfect for opening night of this tv or movie, I don't remember. Gorgeous nonetheless. Found this pic and more of his creations on

It's not the size that shocks me anymore but the cost. This cake according to the article costs $50,000 and took two months to "bake". Read more here. What sweet bliss and Benjamins!

Another reason why Asians are cool. This is not from the Transformer series, this dude is SDF-1 from the Super Dimension Fortress Macross anime series, also known in the States as Robotech. I would confuse you to try and explain what and who it is, so read more about the cake and couple here at

Last but never least, this picture was the inspiration for my blog today. This couple really knows how to make something Godzilla-big and awesome! Found this on It kind of reminds me of my sister's wedding cake in Thailand. It was 10 tiers and as I recall the cutting knife was about 4 feet long. It was extreme but the fresh flowers around the cake the entire ballroom distracted us from the enormity of it all.

Anyway, hope you had as much fun as I did looking through these websites in search of large and unusual cakes that proclaim matrimonial bliss. Now back to the kitchen and learning how to make fondant and buttercream!

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    OK, so if you're loving these, my cake is going to disappoint you. haha..

    I so hate that we're so far apart while I'm doing all the planning. Call me sometime, my dear. :)