Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Made Challah Bread

My first time having Challah bread came in the form of french toast and it was delicious. My girlfriend Heather and her husband invited us for breakfast and seeing how my hubby liked it, I kept it in my food memory bank!

Well, this past week I thought it was a great time for making Challah bread and I found plenty of recipes of how to make this bread. So it's up to you if you want your bread with more eggs or less eggs, more sugar or less...you choose. When I embark new foods, I usually read a couple recipes available online or in books and then take what I like from each of them and come up with what I want to eat. Sometimes it changes the entire recipe but most of the time it just enhances it to my liking. Here are some Challah bread recipes I found online that were quite helpful: Challah I and Smitten Kitchen Best Challah.

When it comes to braiding, the best diagram and instructions I found was on thesecretofchallah.com and this is the link for the braiding instructions. Now I don't pride myself in being the best braider, it's rather frustrating but with the instructions from this site I think I did a pretty good job. Have you made Challah bread before? What's your style of braid? Got any pics you want to share on this? Thefulltimewife@gmail.com.

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