Friday, January 14, 2011

A 1-Up Mushroom Cake

What kind of cake do you design for a husband that likes video games but your cake skills are beginner level? A Mario theme cake of course!! The characters are quite easy to recognize if you have the basics in place and let's face it, Super Mario games are iconic and classic. I still like playing the old school 8-bit Mario games, brings back incredibly fond memories of my childhood.

Anyway, I box-caked it this time with a double chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting with light blue vanilla middle filled with bright sprinkles for texture that I know my husband truly enjoys.

As for the designs I used a cupcake designing tube and Betty Crocker Easy Squeeze icing tubes. What a blast and what a mess. Haha. The star turned out cute and textured, my 1-Up mushroom turned out perfect (in my happy opinion) and do you see the Question mark box? *Smile* It was so fun making it and enjoying it. Happy Birthday Babe add a another year of goodness with this 1-Up Mushroom. 

Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend!

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