Friday, January 21, 2011

Eau So Fresh For Spring n' Summer

Yes, tis the time for Spring and Summer and all it's frivolities in comfy sandals and what nots. So to add to the joy of enjoying the sun may I suggest a little fragrance?

I've always been a fan of Marc Jacob's Daisy when it first came out and have fallen more in love with it with the latest fragrance called Daisy, Eau So Fresh. *smile*
Photo from Nordstrom, buy here if you wish.
Isn't that a cute play on words? The reason why I love Daisy is because it's distinctly unique. I'm not a "certified" expert of scent but I certainly am a hound dog when it comes to it. I know my parfums, eau de toilettes and mists. So far Daisy does not smell like any other perfume unless manufacturers start copying it and selling it at places like Perfumania. (Nothing against Perfumania but they do sell ALL sorts of perfumes)

The notes that stand out to me would be the violet, musk & plum. To me the Daisy parfum smells vintage yet modern. Yesterday I had the chance to smell the Eau So Fresh and the hint of vintage is soften and the fruity florals are heightened. I wore it on my right wrists all day and night just to test it out. It's not a parfum but it did last for quite some time.

Tip: When fragrance shopping always give yourself time to test skin chemistry before purchase. Use as much surface of your wrists, elbow and arms to spray at most three scents in different locations. Keep it on for a couple hours before you decide what works best for you. Trust me, I tried on Dolce & Gabbana's The One with my girlfriend a while ago. A couple hours later mine smelled sad and almost sour, but my girlfriend's skin smelled like the perfect palette for The One. Lesson learned, moving on.

So the next time you visit the fragrance section of Macy's, or the mall of your choice, make sure you stop by and get a spritz to see if Daisy's Eau So Fresh is the one for you! I really hope it is because it will make for a memorable time.

High fashion ads can be a bit awkward at times but who wouldn't want a pinkish horse and huge bottle of Eau So Fresh! Sign me up! 

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  1. I bought some last week! It's amazingly fresh and perfect for Spring and Summer.