Monday, May 24, 2010

Stop Motion Videos With Food

I don't think I've ever shared my delight for stop motion photography and animation. But I do like it very much. In fact I still remember Sesame Street doing interstitials with stop motion and claymation. To this day there's an undeniable aesthetic wrapped in pure nostalgia for me when it comes to stop motion. I'll always be in search for the next best stop motion videos. But for now PES pretty much rules the competition and most deservingly at that.

Anyway, here are a couple videos produced by PES:

Maybe I'm a dork but since I've seen this video, whenever I think of making spaghetti, Western Spaghetti comes to mind. Random thought.

Not a pro at most arcade games, except for Contra 3 and Galaga, but I love to play video games nonetheless. I'm just really lucky to have a husband who plays more than me and introduces me to some incredible games like Zelda series.  He's even thinking about getting me Sims3 on the Xbox...very exciting. But PES does a fun fantastic job at using all kinds of elements to portray some of the classic games.

I wish all fireworks were made of pennies and Peeps!

Loved what you've seen so far? Visit PES at, see you there!

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