Monday, May 17, 2010

Greek-spirations: Dolmades

One of these days we're going to take a trip to Greece...but for now Greek Festival it is.

This weekend my husband and I made our yearly trip to Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church's Greek Festival. This festival has got to be one of the best tasting festivals I've ever attended and I've attended quite a few. There is no cooking quite comparable to church-lady cooking, better yet, Greek church-lady cooking.

If my blog doesn't quite express how wonderful it is, let the lines of people speak for the tastiness of the food. We waited for about 40 to 50 minutes just to get into the cafeteria for some homemade Dolmades (doh- mah -des), Spanakopita (span-ah- koh -pee-tah), Pastitsio (pah- sti -tsyo) & Gyros (soft g, yee-roh, like the word "hero") served outdoors with another wait time of about 20-30 minutes. But I would encourage everyone to not get discouraged by the lines. It is worth every minute you're standing there yearning for that first bite.

My favorite dish from this festival has got to be their dolmades. It's a combination of the exotic (grape leaves) and serious comfort food (rice & beef). You can get 3 for $6 but for a festival that comes once a year, I went for 6 of this babies. For an evening, I feasted like a Greek while the live band beckoned the brave and the tipsy to join in their traditional dancing. What a treat and we certainly can't wait for next year.

So for this blog I wanted to share a video I found on YouTube of how to make "stuffed vine leaves". I need to go and find some canned grape leaves first, then I'll be making this myself pretty soon. Oh yeah, and the dolmades at this church were covered in a b├ęchamel sauce, or I think it was. Either way, I'm going to attempt to make these and I will post my stuffed grape leaves on this blog.

Enjoy this cute video of how to make "Stuffed Vine Leaves":

"oia,greece" photo courtesy of jonrawlinson from Flickr Creative Commons

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