Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

This blog is for my mother, who is the inspiration for what I do today when it comes to food. I've had the privilege of growing up in a home where there was always a meal on the table. When it came to food, my mom could stretch a penny or a baht and still come up with fantastic meals. Her kitchen was and still is open 24/7.

When I was a kid, I never appreciated her cooking and food to the fullest. I used to be embarrassed to take her food to school in a bento canister because I didn't think I was rich enough or cool enough to eat sandwiches like the rest of the kids. It's funny how now I wish she would make my lunches and I ended up never really liking sandwiches anyway. Now that I'm making her recipes for my husband's lunches, I would try and find any excuse to bring her to where I live and have her cook for us. I'm still working on that excuse.

Her dishes are what many people pay to get in line to eat. She taught me how to layer flavors as I watched her stir-fry beef and chinese broccoli. She taught me how to get the most out of garlic and just recently taught me how to get the most juice out of limes. Simple ingredients combined together to make any picky eater ask for seconds...that is a talent of hers.

She may not have graduated with the same level of education as me, but she has all the wisdom that even world leaders can't measure up to. I respect her for her strength. I love her for her patience and kindness. And I will always keep her near through her recipes and my love of food. She is the reason why I cook the way I do. She is the reason why I enjoy life's bounty in an open market or at the supermarket. She is the reason why I am beautiful and strong. I thank the Lord for such a woman in my life.

I love you, Mom.


  1. thank for article and i love my mom

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  2. Hey xserver, thank you for the comment and the link to some really neat thai cookbooks. I'll definitely check them out and attempt to make more thai food out of them as well. Have a great day!