Monday, February 15, 2010

Me vs Dust

I hate dust. I dislike dusting. It's been a battle for me since I was child. I was always on cleaning duty and living near a main dusty road didn't help my chores.

Today I'm still on cleaning duty and there is dust on my counters, on my dresser, night stand and under the bed. Oh wait, in my bathroom as well. So to motivate myself I ended up browsing and reading some articles of what other do to fight dust.

I found a couple tips and stories on Yahoo! Answers. Personally, I like average, ever day working men and women's opinions about what they do to counter this powdery foe. It's good to know I'm not the only one doing whatever we can to clean our homes. Here's how I tackle my bi-weekly missions:

My weapons of choice are usually a bucket of water with a little Pine-Sol (Sparkling Wave scent), two cloths (one damp, one dry), a mop for hard-to-reach locations and my trusty vacuum.

Before I go damp on dust, I vacuum as much of the wooden floor and corners of dust bunnies and anything resembling a cloud of lint, hair and more dust. When using the vacuum, I combine the hose and the angled tube, this works best for me. Once that is completed I wet one cloth or the mop in the bucket and wipe from side to side catching dust without returning it to the original spot. Circling your wipe will still require you to wipe side to side in order to get it right. Next, get your dry cloth and wipe up the light moisture in order to avoid damage if you are working on wooden surfaces. Clean, dry furniture is happy furniture.

So there you go, your home is dust free (for the time being) and you are left with a light crisp scent of the what the ocean smells like, according to the makers of Pine-Sol. If not Pine-Sol, I'm sure there are plenty of natural disinfectant options that I think are fantastic especially if you have children around the home.

I'm not the expert on a lot of things but these folks might be...

Best of luck fellow Household Keepers.

"Dust bunny. :-D" Image courtesy of gmpicket from Flickr Creative Commons.


  1. Hey FTW.

    Somebody told me that if you keep your central heat/AC filters clean that it cuts WAY down on the need to dust.. Of course that may not be something you control in an apartment, and it certainly wasn't something that helped at Southern Towers when they were sandblasting, but I had Dad and Mike (landlord) clean my filters when my parents were here in November, and the dust in my house has eased up quite a bit.

    I love your new blog, and I love you!


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