Monday, February 22, 2010

Gadgets that Get Me: The Walkstation

Well, what do you know?  There IS such a thing as wishful thinking come true.  My husband and I were talking one time about the kind of office we'd like to have.  He mentioned how cool it would be to have a standing desk and even better, a treadmill attached to it. I found this desk+treadmill gadget on PointlessbutCool's blog.  I researched the product a little more and found out that this idea was made real by an innovative company called Steelcase. They call it a "Walkstation."

According to their website, you can purchase products directly from them or the list of authorized retailers.  I'm sure there are cheaper ways of achieving this functionality but it is good to know you can always splurge on one (in our dreams). (Image from Steelcase website)

I can't just leave you with one gadget today.  Another cool thing I found was a folding silicon funnel that folds flat for easy storage.  This beats forming a makeshift funnel out of aluminum foil...thrifty and nifty but no cigar.  This funnel runs for $7.95 on Solutions website.  

If you have any cool blogs and websites you visit for neat household gadgets please do share!  Have a relaxing evening.


  1. I read an article a year or so ago that some corporations were beginning to use these workstations in an effort to create a more health-focused working environment. The idea was that having employees walking made them more productive, happy (increased endorphins), and healthy, and ultimately this cuts down on the health insurance expenses.. Not sure if it works that way in real life, but it's a really neat idea. So are you going to get one? :)

    Much love.

  2. Why Yes, I would love to get one if only we had $6000 and space. :) But if I had my own company, I might get a couple for employees who can't sit still. =)