Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bugs, Balloons and a Birthday

Both of my nieces have turned one this year and both have partied like it's 2010.   I'm so glad they are in my life and I look forward to attending more birthdays in the future.  This week my husband and I traveled via Southwest (they are wonderful) to give his family a nice surprise just in time for little Mac's 1st birthday.

Today was a fun-filled sugar-high day. My sister-in-law hosted a really great party for her daughter.  The theme was pink with lady bugs and a whole lot of gifts for the kiddies.  One idea that was a big hit was a version of Bingo except with a variety of bugs instead of numbers.  The ladybug was the free cell on the sheet.  My husband spent the wee hours of the morning working his magic with his wand called Photoshop. We printed the sheets at FedEx Kinkos and two people thought it was genius. He calls it "Buggo" and I call it "Bingo Bugs" but I think "Buggo" would be a better pitch for sales.

Another activity that was included was a Lady Bug coloring contest.  My husband and I were the judges for the contest.  I must admit, it is much harder to judge kid's artwork than adults.  I don't have the heart to ruin some two year old's artistic aspirations.  Oh well, there were enough gifts to keep the children satisfied.

*Yawn* I need to get some rest from all the sugar and energy exerted trying to keep up with the little tots. Will Write More Soon.

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