Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oscar Short Films I Love

I love watching the Oscars although I haven't been a faithful viewer for about three years, but it's different now. My husband is currently is studying animation at Animation Mentor and I'm writing from time to time on my other blog The Animator's Wife. It's so sweet of him to keep me close and involved in his life by encouraging me to write about his animation education. I'm so thankful that he's patient with me. You see, I feel like a fish out of water sometimes when I write on my other blog. I don't know a lot of the correct terminology for animation-speak, but I try my best to write from a perspective of a supportive wife. It's a process. Well, because of that, I've taken a liking and a better eye on some things in animation and I'm also gaining a little more knowledge of this world from what he's going through.

This year's Oscar nominees for Best Animated Short Film are diverse and strong...they are heart-touching, creative, thought-invoking and funny. But my two favorites have to be Paperman and Adam and Dog. Hope you enjoy it!

Paperman Trailer
 (Disneyanimation via YouTube)

Adam and Dog

(Minkyu Lee via YouTube)

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