Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Wilton Decorated Cake

The next class of my Wilton cake decorating course consisted of being asked to prepare two bags of frosting, frost an 8 inch circle cake and decorate with any of the three designs given. There as a fish, hamburger and cupcake. Of course, I chose the cupcake.

My instructor used my cake as an example of how to frost. It was a toss up of how I felt about that. On one hand I preferred her to use her own cake and frosting so I could learn. But on the other hand, maybe she had confidence in me that I already know to frost a cake and so she didn't mind using my cake as an example. Did she recognize my ability to decorate from my mad Star piping skills on the cookie from last class? Haha. Jk. Jk.

Anyway, it was fun to get the opportunity to get my hand sweet and sticky with frosting as I decorated my cotton candy pink and blue cupcake. We used Wilton Tip #18 for the zigzags & stars on the edge of the cake, Tip #1 for the cupcake and Tip #3 from the little squiggly lines for the cake liner area. For the multi-colored looked in the zigzag, streak both sides of the bag with blue and fill the rest of the bag with pink. Burp the bag and frost away!

Happy Friday!


  1. wow!! I love the colours and the decoration, lovely cake!!!!

    big kisses

  2. This is a very colorful cake, amazing and great job on it