Monday, January 28, 2013

A Great Birthday Present

It's official that I'm officially going to learn how to decorate cakes via Wilton! My awesome husband surprised me this morning with a birthday present consisting of a tub of icing, a small box of icing colors, a gift card to Michaels, Course 1-4 student kits and a receipt letting me know that he paid for my classes. What a thoughtful and special gift this is!

I've been looking at cake decorating courses all year long and have dedicated this year to doing new things and going on on adventures from the perspective of Fun. I love to decorate cupcakes and confections but I've never really had any training and in a sense, it's made me a bit timid to go out and decorate cakes for others. For me, this is one way to boost my confidence in learning something new and I get to meet other people who are interested in learning this craft. I certainly look forward to sharing my designs and assignments with you.

Well, I'm off to spending the rest of my day with my man. Hopefully, I can update you all on my progress as the weeks go by. Have a great Monday!

See your local Michaels Arts & Crafts for Wilton certified cake decorating classes. 

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