Monday, November 14, 2011

Using Sugar Paper for Cupcakes

Surprise your cupcakes eaters and get super creative with Sugar Sheets! Yep, that's what I just recently discovered this past week. I can't believe how much stuff is out there for cake decorating. I remember just being happy with piped roses and plastic balloons on birthday cakes. Today you can find just about anything.

These cupcakes that I made were for a baby shower this weekend. I knew it was a boy and I also knew his father loved robots and robot toys. Originally, I was ambitious enough to think I could create a Voltron this time. Voltron was more complex than I thought. I'll save that one for later.
So instead I drew inspiration from pics on Google images for "cute robots". Like this one. And this one....and this one.

For more information on Sugar Sheets.
For more information on Punch.Cut.Decorate!

What you will need:
1 Sugar Sheet
Circle stencil or use Wilton's Punch.Cut.Decorate! products
1 clean X-acto razor (if you don't have a shape punch out product)
Edible Color Markers
Cutting board (if using razor)
  • Cut out or Punch out a circular shape.
  • Use edible markers to create Robots and/or writings.
  • Gently place decorated sugar sheet shape onto pre-frosted cupcake.

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