Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Cookie Ideas via YouTube

The Christmas season is upon us now and I've already recovered from Thanksgiving. So now that I have space in my stomach to think about cooking, I've decided I'd share some videos that I thought would be yummy christmas cookie ideas. Hope you enjoy them and try to bake some of them this holiday season.

I will most likely bake Nigella's Christmas Chocolate Cookies since my husband is a huge fan of the cocoa. Have a Thought-Provoking Tuesday!

I tried to link to the BBC YouTube channel but YouTube says it's not available in my country. Either way, for more of Nigella visit her official site Nigella.com.

This next video was easy and fun to watch. It's produced well and they have a good sense of pacing when it comes to tutorials. Plus I appreciate their lighting! But even more than all those technical marks, this cookie is easy make, texture-rrific and customizable if the main ingredients aren't your favorite. I would add crushed pretzel and some Chex.

Visit Kathy's channel StartCooking for more recipes and awesome instructions!

This video was found whilst I was searching for Old World-kinda cookies. The measurements are not American standard but I'm sure you can figure it out faster than I could with a converter. Don't these babies look so tempting? I'm a sucker for fruit-filled confections during this season.

This video was posted by DeliriumReal. For more Christmas Cookie related videos by them, visit this video on YouTube and there should be a couple more tutorials on the sidebar.

The video below isn't an obvious christmas cookie but every now and then I like to break free my palette from the usual spiced or sugary treat and add a touch of citrus to the mix. With some red and green sprinkles, these lemon drop cookies will certainly be welcomed to any holiday party. When using Crisco for baking, I prefer to use their butter flavored shortening for cookies and pie crust. Thank you Lacy for that tip!

Visit Crisco's YouTube channel for more recipes.

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