Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Idea: Lollipop Ghosts

A Halloween Party isn't complete without a little mischievous fun from cute lollipop ghosts adorned on cupcakes. 

Let's make spooky fun: 
  • Pre-made white gum paste
  • Colorful frosting (green, orange, purple, etc.)
  • Food coloring gel, Black
  • Small point paintbrush
  • Gum paste rolling pin
  • Non stick spray (just a little to keep gum paste from sticking)
  • Confectioners sugar (just like using flour when kneading/working with bread, use confectioners sugar for gum paste)
  • Sprinkles, Nonpareils, Candy, etc.
  • Lollipops (Dum Dum size) like the ones below. Cut off about 3/4 of an inch. 

Prepare cupcakes with colorful frosting and decorate them with sprinkles, nonpareils, candy...whatever and however you desire, just leave enough room for a lollipop ghost. Set aside.

Next, spread a little non stick spray onto work surface and roll out gum paste to about 3 to 3 1/2 inches round.

Drape gum paste over lollipop and shape gum paste. I pinched the sides just to give my little guys some hands. Use paintbrush and black color gel to create faces. Happy, sad, cheeky and groovy.

Place lollipop ghosts on decorated cupcake and Boo Yeah! You have yourself a really cute cupcake that kids and adults will love.

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