Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall/Thanksgiving Cupcake Idea: Chrysanthemum Flower Cupcakes

Who said flowers couldn't be a part of a Thanksgiving or Harvest party? Instead of falls leaf decorations, try marshmallow chrysanthemums on cupcake. I've posted this instructional video of how to make chrysanthemum cupcakes previously but I'll post it again because she, yoyomax12, explains it so well.

It does take time. So this would be a great treat to make with friends or on a day where other matters are not pressing. I know you can purchase pre-colored sugars or just mix the colors you want by using food coloring. If you decide to mix sugar and food coloring, do not lose hope, keep mixing and mashing because eventually the color will begin to blend into the sugar. I almost thought it was a bad idea but I kept at it and got the colors I wanted: pumpkin orange, brown and teal grey.

Have fun and have a rejuvenating Monday evening!

Another pic for good measure. It's so purrrdy.

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