Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Sugar Cookie Christmas Party

One too many cookies ago...
OMG, it's Frosty with the two guests he told us he'd bring. Wow, are those suspenders? I understand green tights and all, that's very elfish, very festive during this time. But suspenders, must be an Italian thing.

     Nice scarf.                                                Nice snow.
Quanto bello ed interessante.
Buddy: I'm Buddy what's your name? Nice gumdrops.
Ginger: Arrrrrrrrr. Rarrrrrrrrr. Arrrrrrrrr.
Buddy: Ooh you're a feisty one.
Santa! SAAAAAANNNNTTTAAA! You're in your long johns...where's the rest of your clothes? Does Mrs. Claus know you're here?  
Is that a Mexican or Italian star? I think she's mixed, so beautiful she makes me sick. I need another candy canetini. Bartender!
I can see a little Suessical influence. Love the purple.
Hey guys is this a Hanukkah star? I can't tell from this angle. Oh it's just the snowflake star that was introduced at the beginning of this blog. Way to go with wrapping all this together, FTW.


  1. Love the cookies! Adorable and super creative, but does Frosty's one friend have yellow boobs? Hmmmmm.....

  2. Thank you Nikole! Yes, we did warn them all about yellow snow.