Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, Apartment Living!

Ladies and some gents I'm sure you know that line drying your delicates is probably better than drying them in the machine. Sooooo when I line dry my lingerie I usually place them by the fireplace, makes sense to me. Well yesterday our pilot light wasn't working so I ended up calling our main office for some help. When evening came, it worked. So this morning I called the office to let them know their assistance would not be needed.

Well, while I took a short nap maintenance stopped by unannounced and left a message:

Wow, what's the smiley face for?!!! I'm really hoping that's female handwriting because I will be so embarrassed to ask for any maintenance help. *ugh* After a couple text exchanges with my husband we both laughed and embraced the fact that at least others know that we keep our marriage spicy. 

So Wives, keep wearing the sexy things you wore when reeling him in! ;) Haha Here comes a reenactment of "Santa Baby"...

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