Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nostalgic Toys

I've been doing all my christmas shopping this year online and I'M LOVING IT! I've discovered too many wonderful things that I want to get but would never fit in my apartment. There's a slight chance I might have a little "hoarding" problem if I ever caved in to my "wants". But since this is the time of year we can come up with wishlists I might as well just start one now for next year.

Yesterday I discovered What a fun site to see most of all the classic things our parents or grandparents grew up with! And thanks to Disney Pixar's Toy Story movies our kids can now enjoy these classic characters once more.

Totally unrelated to toys: I know one thing that caught my attention was the Crosley Archiver USB Turntable. Hehe. My collection of vinyl records and their covers are getting a bit crusty. I mean I did buy them in dated condition but now they are hitting the ancient mark, you know what I'm saying? Anyway, I need to store them as Mp3s so I can enjoy them everywhere I go.

Well back to the toys I wanted to show you. I'm sure we've all encountered one or two of these toys before...

Betcha he never thought he'd be THIS famous.

So bad at this game but I liked playing it anyway.

What's with the red clown like nose?

Now the toys above may not have been the ones you preferred so let me see if you liked these toys below because I know I LOVED them...
I like the old school version. 

I screamed when I saw this at Target a month ago. It's back in my life again. 

Countless hours spent testing to see if my little sisters were smart...they passed! 

Tell me you remember the one on the far right.


What's your favorite retro toy? 

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