Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crustless All-Meat Quiche

Happy Wednesday! This morning I woke up feeling extremely hungry and parched, don't know why but sometimes I get that way. But instead of making something quick and easy, I decided to make something slow and protein-y! I baked a Crustless All-Meat Quiche. I haven't adhered to a "real" quiche recipe but this is the only way I can name something that is easy to find in search engines. So please forgive me, all you foodies out there...naming egg foods isn't my strong suit. But here goes:

Crustless All-Meat Quiche

4 large eggs
1/8 cup Nonfat milk
1-2 Tablespoon of Lowfat Kefir Yogurt Cheese or Greek Yogurt
5 strips of Turkey bacon, rough chop into short stips (I use Applegate All-Natural Turkey bacon)
2 cooked chicken & herb sausage links, rough chopped (Applegate Chicken & Sage)
4-5 oz of Italian Chicken Sausage
1/4 cup of Shredded Italian Five Cheese blend
2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning 
Salt, Pepper and garlic powder to taste
1 tablespoon of oil
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray nonstick baking spray onto a French white 1.5 quart ceramic bakeware.
  • Beat eggs, milk and kefir yogurt cheese until well blended. Give it a dash of some salt, pepper and garlic powder. Set aside.
  • In a nonstick pan over medium high heat, oil pan and wipe excess oil. When heated add chicken sausage and cook until pink is gone. Add chopped turkey bacon, chopped chicken sausage links and italian seasoning. Cook until meats are well heated. Add salt, pepper and garlic to taste.
  • Pour meat mixture into bakeware. Sprinkle meat mixture with cheese.
  • Immediately, pour egg mixture onto meat. Bake in oven for about 30 minutes or until middle of quiche is firm. 
  • Garnish with basil and enjoy!

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  1. What a GREAT IDEA!!! I Love Quiche, but Crustless is even better!! Less Fat! Thanks Nells!