Thursday, August 16, 2012

OC Fair 2012

Just some pics I wanted to share of our adventure at the Orange County Fair. It was such a hot day that I forgot to take pictures of everything we did because I was busy drinking water and staying cool. So glad we amped up our sunscreen that day. If not, my husband would have turned into a lobster and I would have more moles popping up on me. I'm not a fan of too many moles on my body. Speaking of, make sure you get your annual dermatology check up! I just did two days ago. I'm good to go for the next year. Stay cool and lathered.

Piggie Race,  #3 won.

Tropical Chocolate...what is does it meeeean?

Yeah, I wish...


Remember these toys?? 

Where Cabbage Patch Kids come from.

Weird Al Yankovic. Great performance and I can't believe he has so much energy!

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