Friday, June 29, 2012

The FullTimeWife Sings

One of the shots from our ad. 

Hey there Happy Friday Folks! I'm so glad it's a friday for you. I really am. It's always a pleasure to see people relaxing and enjoying time together around a good flick, delicious food and hilarious company.

I'm writing to you to finally reveal another part of myself that I often don't talk singing life. No, I'm not currently working as a professional but I do get to create music for professional ads with my husband. This recent work for Union Pacific as been passion work because it's for their Great Big Rollin' Railroad competition. So who knows if we will win the grand prize or not?! But the adrenaline, fun and hard work we put into our fun ad was worth every minute of us trying.

We have until the end of June to have family, friends and awesome people vote for us. So let me walk out of my introverted self and ask, "Would YOU please vote for us?" I would truly appreciate your vote as it will be a factor in the judging process. All our winnings will go to my husband's education into becoming a character animator. Every last bit helps when it comes to financial aid.

Oh, and I forgot to mention (the entire reason for the title of this post), yes, I sang the tune to the ad we created and added all my little harmonies via Garage Band. According to my mother and me, I've always loved singing and creating music. Music to me, has always been a salve for a broken heart, an anthem of courage for times I am afraid and a way to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me. So yes, maybe one day I'll find enough courage to sing in front a crowd again. But for now, I do all my crooning behind a mic in our humble apartment and for ads that need a happy tune to convey a particular message.

Have a lovely weekend!

Link for UP150 Brock and Nellie Boyts video:


  1. been there, done that. the voting, I mean. and I loved the music! good work!