Friday, June 22, 2012

A "Counter" Culture Burger

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope this post finds you well off and ready for a fun weekend.

My husband first introduced me to The Counter restaurant last year. His co-workers took him there and then he decided to take me on a surprise date, knowing how much I love new food experiences. No surprise, it was a burger spot but with a fun twist!

Instead of a typical menu, we each received a clipboard with a menu card where we could customize our meal. So far, I like. Not only that, I was thrilled with the selection of side orders and greens you could top off your burger. So instead of getting a bun, I could go almost carb-free with their selection of salads and greens (alfalfa sprouts, please). To make things ever better, my angus beef was not treated with hormones (have enough to spare) or antibiotics. Good to know just in case if and when I get pregnant and have a craving for a burger I know where to get a good one. But I've heard pregnancy can usually do the opposite to a carnivorous woman, one day meat the next day beet.

Well, take a look at their menu and if you live in any of these locations or will be visiting, stop by The Counter for a new and delicious experience. Writing this makes me crave it...

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