Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There Should Be a Grandmother's Day!

It's great that we have a Mother's and Father's Day, but how about Grandparent or Grandmother's Day? I'm sure I'm not the only kid in the world that has/had good grandparents. There is one grandparent that I wish I had more to time with...my Grandma Esther. From what I can recall, she had a strong and feisty spirit, strict at times. Whenever we, grandkids, had the chance to be with her, I knew I always wanted to be on her good side. But the fondest memories I have of her have to be moments involving food.

I remember her kitchen in Joplin, Missouri. Spacious, from a child's perspective, with pale yellow walls or cabinets. Maybe it was the sunlight that made them yellow but it was bright and airy inside. No matter if it was the kitchen in Joplin or in Olathe, Kansas, I would always feel comforted by the aroma of steamed rice filled the room. I remember coughing and running away from the kitchen when she would make her roasted red chili paste. I even recollect her herb garden in the far corner of the backyard, the temperature always seemed cooler there no matter how hot it got during those humid Midwest summers. The sprigs of cilantro and sweet spearmint perfumed the cool of evening and it all just felt right in the world. I felt as if my father was whole and our entire family felt close, all because of her and haven she created.

My passion and love for food has been fueled by my mother and my grandmother. It's a beautiful thing to still enjoy someone's life through the recipes they have passed down. My grandma Esther's spirit is still around whenever we come together to enjoy a bountiful Sunday dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, spring rolls and a mean broccoli & cheese dish. Oh and don't forget the rice and hot chili paste. I'm so glad my mother learned as much as she could from Grandma and passed down that knowledge to me. My aunts, Lucy and Sumalee, also learned from her and it's wonderful to experience Grandma through them when we all get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

So, Grandma, I want you to know that your life made a difference and will continue to make a difference in generations to come. I wish was old and wise enough to get to know you more. Thank you for loving God and loving your family the way that you did. I can tell my Dad still misses you until today but we have a Hope that we all will be together again. Love you and Happy Grandmother's Day from my heart!

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  1. Grandparents' Day this year is September 9th. :)

    Beautiful post. Lovely memories.

    Much love.