Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leftover Uncooked Chicken Breasts?

Photo by via Flickr Creative Commons

It's always been a question of "do I use all of this chicken meat?" or "how long can I keep this leftover chicken fresh?". Well, not today!

Thanks to poultry distributors finally getting the message that we like to eat chicken but we also like to save money by not wasting chicken we didn't finish or never had that chance to cook it due to freezer burn. I began noticing this trend in the poultry section with Foster Farms' products, then Perdue Chicken and today I just saw a commercial for Ziploc's Perfect Portions Bags.

I'm really glad Ziploc got on this train. I really like Perfect Portions Bags because I can store any unused cuts of meat and best of all I don't have to touch raw meat with my bare hands. I'm absolutely vigilant with avoiding cross contamination in the kitchen. Anytime I or my utensils touch raw food, I'm always washing my hands or using new utensils to keep cooking. Sounds neurotic but if you've ever worked for a home daycare center that worked in conjunction with the government you would be just as strict as me. Okay, enough of my crazies.

I can't find the Ziploc Perfect Portions commercial I saw today but here is the link to watching Rachael Ray show you why this product is her new fave.

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