Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Week: Silver Dollar City Pt.2

If you like theme parks and are in need for a vacation from the usual theme park visit, head on down to Branson Missouri to Silver Dollar City. I keep talking about this place like they pay me to advertise for them but in reality it's a place I'm quite fond of. According to their history page, it all began in 1950 when the Herschend family acquired a lease on a cave that brought tourism to the area. In order to keep the guests entertained while waiting to visit the Marvel Cave, Mary Herschend created a village reminiscent of the 1880s. This tiny village is known today as Silver Dollar City. For more information on this establishment check out their link here.

To me, the park had the appeal of Kakariko village or even an Animal Crossing town where you can interact with almost everything, including sending postcards to loved ones from the village; just like my friend Lacy did when we arrived. She purchased a postcard of one of the places in Silver Dollar City at the General Store and we all signed our names and sent our love out to Aunt Polly and Uncle Joe.

You know you're somewhere magical when Moon Pies appear.
One of the things I like to judge theme parks by is the variety of foods they offer. About 10 years ago when I visited SDC during Christmas, I wanted to get a skillet a meal so bad but was unable to because I didn't have enough money. I wanted to save that money to get gifts, and so I forfeited my desire at the time but I never forgot how badly I wanted to try some. Well, THIS time around I made sure I was the first in line for a Lumbercamp Falls skillet meal. I don't know too many parks that serve a mean skillet meal with about a spittin' distance away from fresh pork rinds being made. Not too many I can think of. This park is truly tops when it comes to the unique foods they provide. Speaking of, I also visited their apple store (the edible kind) and bought some really authentic Apple Butter. My breakfasts will RULE this holiday season!!

Sausage, bell peppers, corn, potatoes and seasonings = Good Food
Fresh crispy pork rinds...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Here's something yet to be conquered...

Dog n' Potato on a stick anyone?

I leave off this post today with other photos of good times with friends and loved ones. Have a great weekend!!
The Giant Swing
Southern Raised, a sibling Bluegrass band and 2011 CAM Gospel Sing-Off Winner.

A living Blacksmith, they do exist in the Ozarks.

Wasn't a fan of Yak, but Elk was good.
Fresh batch of warm Peanut Brittle makes the crumpies go away.
This is a view from the inside of the Wilderness Church where my girlfriend was proposed to last November. The bridal couple thought they would take a little time remembering that day and the beautiful future they have ahead of them. Isn't that sweet? 

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  1. Oh my word, We took our kids there several times when the were little. I bet Brock dose not even remember. It was always a lot of fun!