Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Reasons Why I Love Alton Brown

He's nerdy, informative, knows how to cook and actually let's me know why things turn out the way they do and he's my one of my favorite celebrity chefs...Alton Brown. I wonder what I would do if I ran into him? Maybe get sweaty palms, not know what to say, geek out and get the closest thing for him to sign, all kinds of things could happen if we ever met.

Well, anyway, here is one episode that I found very fun and informative because it involves cake. I don't think I'm a sweet tooth but a lover of cake. *Big Grin* Anyway, wouldn't you agree that it's always good to learn something new everyday? Speaking of, I'm currently learning and brushing up on CSS but every now and then my mind drifts towards baking this cupcake recipe that Alton will show you how to successfully make. Hope you enjoy these two videos. Happy Tuesday Friends!

Seems like I'm not alone in my affection for the show Good Eats. For more episodes visit Khadgar34's YouTube Channel.

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