Monday, June 27, 2011

I Lost My Food Truck Virginity

Hola mi amigos! I've been transported to so many places this month that I have yet again been behind on my posts. But now that I have a new camera and a fast working iPhone, there is no excuse to not share what's been going on with The Full Time Wife. Speaking of no excuse, I've claimed my website address! Sweet huh?!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pics of my first experience with the food truck craze. My dear friend Emily came for a visit all the way from the UK. She said she wanted to try food from a Korean fusion food truck. So this weekend we made it a goal to set out and find one nearby...and find one we did.

Here are some pics from the experience:

1. Find a food truck...we chose Kogi BBQ taco truck which I found the exact location on Twitter @KOGIBBQ. Location was set for The Brig in Venice!

2. Observe menu....

3. Order foods of choice...
The Kogi Short Rib Taco $2.10
The Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla $5...surprisingly delicious!
The #2 Combo: Any $5 item (Kogi Dog) + 1 taco + 1 drink= $8 of Happiness on the side of the street.
Thank you Kogi BBQ! For more information visit

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